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Creative Portrait Photographer in the Dolomites

Creative photography and portraits for bold people who want to stand out.

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How does a creative photoshoot in the Dolomites work?

Is this your first photo shoot?
Don’t worry, I understand that it’s something you don’t do every day, and it’s important to make it special! As a professional portrait photographer in the Dolomites, I can help you navigate your photoshoot and get really confident with being photographed!
Whichever photo shoot you choose, here’s how it works:

  1. Contact me & have a video chat to first get to know each other!
  2. Select the package I put together for you & book the shoot!
  3. Let’s plan the shoot!

Hey Hi Hello – I’m Ellen!

Portrait Photographer in the Dolomites and South Tyrol

I live in Colfosco, in the province of Bolzano and Dolomites region. Where I have two photo studios: one small and modest hidden in the cellar and the other is practically all the beauty of nature around us.
I love both the photo studio with a black background, and the photographs in the woods or in the midst of the views of the Dolomites.

About me: I’m a very minimalistic person, a little crazy, with big visions and a lot of humor. If you like memes, cats, and puns, there’s a chance we can become friends.

What Kinds Of Photoshoot Can I Get?


A photoshoot in my photostudio in Colfosco. That’s a great, minimalistic choice.
A studio photoshoot in Colfosco is for you, if you’d like to experience how it is to feel like a model, be elegant or sexy, or even both.



An outdoor shoot in the Dolomites is for you, if you’re searching for an outdoor experience that feels authentic and outdoorsy, just like you. This kind of photography is less posed and gets your pure essence in the middle of nature.



Fantasy photography is for lovers of the eccentric and creative. That wants intense, magic transformation.
Through an immersive setting, you get to know a new piece of you and make a memorable experience as a fantastic creature.


Discover The Photoshoots

How to discover what kind of photoshoot in the Dolomites is for me?

I’m glad to help you discover what could be best for you.
In a first call, you can tell me what your ideas are, if you have a vision already, or if you just know that you’d like to have a photoshoot.
I’ve got a very specific process to determine what photoshoot in the Dolomites could be the best fit for you, based on your wants and needs.

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