you don’t see yourself as you would like and you dream of being more confident.

First of all: You’re not broken.

It is important that you know, that it is normal to have bad days. But you also have the right to be able and be willing to love yourself! You deserve to feel comfortable – and that’s what I’m here for.

TAKE BACK CONTROL. Unleash your self-Esteem.

Fantasy photography will help you bring out the goddess in you and feel confident even after the photoshoot!


What does Fantasy Photography do For You?

The eccentric outfits and makeup will be your shield! So you can feel free to let out your strength. Even if you’re not photogenic.

Secret places in nature will make you feel in harmony with yourself. It will be a bit like meditating – no one will look at you.

The photos will stay with you forever and the prints that you can hang will remind you how beautiful and strong you are. By improving your self-esteem every single day.


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Ellen Alfreider

Hi, I’m Ellen!

And I want to help you get rid of negative thoughts, giving you the vigor you deserve!

Having had self-esteem issues during my teens, I know what it’s like to have little or no self-confidence.

Fantasy photography gave me shelter, because it was the only way to see myself as really beautiful.

From there I knew my calling was to give the other girls this sense of empowerment and strength with fantasy and cosplay photos as well.


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Lady Angie - Cosplayer Shuten Douji

Ellen has the ability to read your mind and figure out what you really want for your photo shoot. In addition to her talent as a photographer, she really makes you feel like a princess and gives you an incredible work of art.