5 Tips For Your Sensual Fantasy PhotoShoot

A Sensual Fantasy Photoshoot is perfect for those ladies that want to take their sensuality to the next level! I know that you’re not a professional model. But that’s exactly why I love to shoot with you!

You will see that you can look like a top model too, without having any expertise!

Here you go with the first pro tips to shine like a star the day of you Sensual Fantasy Shoot!

Eat Healthy and Enough

It’s extremely important to feel energetic and light on your shooting day. Try not to eat anything that will make you feel bloated or weak afterwards. So yes to vegetables and fruits, and nope to tons of pasta and a chocolate dessert! Of course, make sure you eat enough though.

Be Well Groomed

It’s important you already look good when you come to have your makeup done. This doesn’t mean you have to go to the hairdressers or cosmetologist the days before we shoot or you can’t shoot if you have some pimples on your skin. I have that problem too and I know that skin impurity should be abolished. But it doesn’t take so much to look well-groomed though. Just make sure you don’t have ruined nail polish, messy or dirty hair. Very basic!

Don’t Shave or Wax The Same Day of Your Fantasy Photoshoot

It sounds strange, but especially for a sensual shoot, where more skin is going to be seen: Please please please don’t shave or wax the same day of your photoshoot! There is no way out: Your skin is going to look irritated and it doesn’t make any sense. Just do it a day before, so that your skin can relax for some time and you will look flawless on the photographs. Another tip for shaving and waxing: If you want you can get rid of your forearm hair too if you wish. Most of the time it’s totally not necessary, especially if your hair is not very dark or thick. But on photographs, it’s probable that they could disturb you. In this case, waxing is better than shaving. 😉

Leave Your Jewellery at Home

Jewellery is nice but could be a very bad fit for your photoshoot. Especially if the colours don’t match with the outfit. You can put them away in a tiny box while we shoot, but at home, you know for sure they are safe and don’t run the risk to get lost in the forests. So better leave them home. Total no-gos are definitely festival bracelets. I know it hurts, but you will have to be brave and cut them off for your photoshoot. Sorry!

Wear Super Comfortable Clothes

With super comfortable I’m talking about leggings and shirts. Nothing fancy literally. It’s so less stressful if you can change the outfit fast and easily when you’re ready. So if you come with super comfy clothes, it’s simply so much better than wearing jeans and complicated outfits. For the Sensual Fantasy Photoshoot, it’s perfect to wear black underwear. Make sure not to wear “big” panties, otherwise, they will pop out every move you make, and they’re not so flattering. Let’s chat about this when we decide what you want to wear for your photoshoot!

Go To The Sensual Fantasy Photoshoot

Go and reserve your date to become a sexy beast and take home with you a whole new self-esteem!
Contact me to get your self-esteem to the next level!

Not sure enough? See how a fantasy photoshoot works here!

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