Free your personalities!

Create a safe space where you can express yourself by playing a character you love!

Recharge, go wild and have fun without fear! Make all insecurities disappear.

Take a break from the world, take refuge in cosplay, where no one judges you.

Finally a story where you are the protagonist

Cosplay Saves lives and helps rediscover yourself!

Each cosplayer has its own story and they are often deep stories. Whether your passion was born from acting, from childhood or for inner healing, cosplay is part of your identity.

Cosplay Photography:


  • With cosplay photography, you can pay tribute to your beloved character and act freely from the bottom of your heart.


  • Photobox prints will do you justice by reminding you every day of your great passion and the energy it gives you!


  • It’s a shot of assured self-esteem. Over and out.





My mission is to make you shine and make you feel at home!

Info & Pricing


  • Planning via Skype / Zoom with my best tips on how to transform yourself, where and when to take pictures


  • Travel costs to and from the photo location


  • 1-2 cosplays / cosplayers


  • 1-2h shooting on location, depending on your needs.


  • 2-6h of “woo woo” experience, depending on where we go and how many looks we shoot (max. 2)


  • 40+ edited files in web resolution in the private gallery (only fantasy color-look, no skin retouching)


  • 5+ exquisitely edited photos (with skin retouching) in web and print resolution


  • Your top 5+ printed in passepartout or on cardboard.


  • Photobox to fit from 5 to 20 prints


  • Lots of moral support, bless and cheerleading


  • A little stardust here and there


starting from €250

For an exclusive experience, I will make a package according to your wishes and needs. Including everything you need and so much more. Also unlimited support, tailored advice and lots of pampering.

For an experience that will set your personalities free, like Smithers the dogs!

Request Your Personalized Package



A cosplay photoshoot must be well organized to get the best out of it – here are the simple steps you can take to book one!



Tell me about yourself, your wishes and your dreams in a non-binding and free video call!
I will be delighted to help you understand how to create your perfect experience and bring out the shiny you.


My Place, or your place?

It will be essential to know if I will come to your place or if you will come to mine – or if we see you somewhere halfway.


Book your photoshoot

After putting down the first ideas, you can make your appointment and deepen the organization.



Now there is nothing in your way! Have fun and enjoy your time for yourself, making your dreams come true and expressing yourself freely, from the bottom of your heart!



I don’t have much experience yet – will I still be up to it?

Absolutely yes! I will guide you with the right technique and poses, so as to bring out the best in you.

I’ve never done a photoshoot – can I still take this kind of photos?

Affirmative! You don’t need any experience to have a cosplay shoot. To better prepare yourself, you can download the PDF guide on how to prepare for your set.

I am in a different region, is there any way to shoot with you?

Of course! Living in a tourist area, getting to Colfosco is not difficult and I will be willing to help you organize your trip. Or I’ll be happy to come to your region to take pictures. We just need to plan.

Can I find you at the fair?

Crowded places are not my natural habitat, being a Heidi in my heart, mountains are.
I do not exclude fairs or smaller events such as the Primavera in Cosplay in Lucca.

Will you retouch the skin?

Yes, I will retouch it on the most beautiful photos, which you can choose and they will be at least 5. I will help you choose them if you find yourself in difficulties.

Can I have more photos with retouched skin?

Yes, you can choose to add more photos at any time.

Can I choose the photos to retouch / print, and in what size?

Sure! A minimum of 5 retouched and printed 20x30cm photos are included with all shoots – you can add them at any time and a photobox will also be included to store 5 to 20 prints. If you wish, you will have the possibility to choose a larger size for the prints & photoboxes, that is 30×40. You can choose the photos to edit directly from the gallery by heart-clicking them.

When can I see the photos and how do I choose them?

You will have the pre-selection gallery of at least 40 photos, approximately 10 days after the shooting.
From there you can heart-click the photos to retouch, which will always be at least 4.
I will send you the photos with the retouched skin with a link via email, where you can download them
no later than 15 days from the date of the decision.

How does the online gallery work?

Just like the impression gallery, but with an individual password. You will receive a link and password for your gallery. From there, you can download web resolution files for your phone or social media posts. The high-resolution files (skin retouched files only) come to you via a download link in your inbox.

Can I have multiple sessions in one day?

Of course! If you want to do multiple sets, just ask and we plan multiple shoots in one day!

What is a passepartout?

A passepartout is the photograph mounted between two pieces of cardboard, of which the cardboard in front acts as a frame. Take a look at the photobox gallery to understand better.


Do you miss an answer?
Drop me an e-mail and tell me what I can do for you!


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