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Photoshoot themes – Steampunk | What is it? And Why It’s Balm For Your Soul

A Steampunk Cosplay Photoshoot is only for those who are familiar with it, sci-fi geeks and models that own their shit like a pro in front of the camera – and this is the biggest lie ever said. Period.

This blog post will introduce you to this kind of themed fantasy shoots, explain to you what Steampunk means and why a Steampunk Photoshoot is exactly what you did not expect to need for your everyday life. So let’s start with facts and go on with – facts, but more fun ones.

1. SteamWHAT?

Steampunk started out as a science-fiction and fantasy sub-genre in the 1970s already. Steampunk today is a subculture of people, sharing the love for a retrofuturistic industrial style, inspired by the Victorian age (19th century). The name of today’s sub-culture is inspired by the STEAM-powered machines that boomed at that time. PUNK comes from the culture and it’s meaning changed over the centuries but a punk has always be seen as somebody different from the culture, often a rebellious person. Steampunk is also related to – but not to confuse with – Cyberpunk, which is kind of the 21st-century – decay version – of steampunk.

-Cyberpunk is a combination of low-culture-life and high-tec in the modern age. -Steampunk is a combination of flourishing, innovative lifestyle and machinery of the victorian age.


2. Back To The Future

Exactly! Retrofuturistic means simply the way people saw the future earlier – in this case: how people could have seen the future back in the 19th century.

The most exciting thing about Steampunk is, that it’s fashion style is literally inspired by the steam-powered-machinery, often recalled in the clothing. Bronze and golden gearwheels are the main tiny decorations you can find on steampunk hats, accessories and garments.

Steam-powered-machinery is therefore very good for our environment 😉 – and very good to reproduce that epic feeling in a foggy-steamed factory.

Don’t these thoughts smell like an old workshop to you? I imagine that steampunk smells exactly like a workshop and welded copper… Could be! 😉

Steampunk Cosplay Girl In Foggy Workshop | Photography der Sinne

3. Real-Life Examples Of Steampunk

A good example of a Steampunk in real life are surely the stories told in books. Which are not that real life, but an interesting and rather famous steampunk story is definitely Jules Verne’s Journey to the Center of the Earth. Steampunk tales are mainly about fascinating discovery adventures, conquesting of unexplored lands, and breakthrough of brilliant inventions of the victorian age. Other very cool and concrete examples of Steampunk in reality, are steampunk-themed areas of theme-parks, as Rookburgh-Area in Phantasialand or the Voletarium (this makes me cry of emotion every time) at Europa Park. This gives me goosebumps and sooooo much inspiration! Every time I’m in a theme-park I’m like a little girl wowing around because of fuck yeah I want to make a photoshoot out of all this stuff! I think that seeing and touching sort of another world, gives simply the feeling of being out of this world. Far away from problems. I want to give you this feeling too! So who doesn’t like to dream with opened eyes?

4. So How Does A Steampunk Cosplay Photoshoot Help Me?

A fantasy photoshoot will always help you to get more confidence in your everyday life. Unlike the classical sexy photoshoots in the studio, a fantasy shoot won’t give you the chance to feel ashamed of your body or to be led to obscene poses.

Steampunk’s fashion is rebellious, sensual but elegant. A Steampunk Cosplay Photoshoot, in particular, will help you to come out with your hero sex appeal too. A hero doesn’t need provoking poses, she’s already magnetic just by showing all the confidence of saving the world and protect people who need her.

At the end of the day, you will go home, and have a look at your most powerful side on your online gallery – this will boost your self-esteem to the moon and back. Believe me, that the most epic part, is to get your prints and glaze at yourself every day after like you’re a star!

Who doesn’t want to get that hero level of confidence? Well, I do!

5. From Steampunk to Self – Esteem – Punk

The reasons you should get an insanely epic steampunk photoshoot are in all the points over here already: -The epic feeling to be out of this world, far away from problems! -The epic feeling to be an adventurous hero of another age! -The fucking epic feeling to fucking push your fucking confidence out of fucking you! <3 If what I said above doesn’t sound exciting enough to you, I can tell it in a more conform and boring way too: A Steampunk Photoshoot is the best way to get that epic feeling to be catapulted in another era. In fact, you will be transformed into a hero of a different world. Stepping out of the daily routine and into an otherworld helps your brain to reset, just like a wellness-weekend for your self-confidence. Be a rebel! Be a Hero! Turn the steampunk cosplay photoshoot to your self-esteem-punk! 😉 Go up, read the points again. Repeat it until you’ve changed your mind. Then go on with point 6 and 7.

6. Summed up

Steampunk is a retrofuturistic sci-fi and fantasy style that’s inspired by the steam-powered machinery and fashion of the 19th century. Retrofuturism is an epic future scenario of another era that can easily be reproduced in a Fantasy Photoshoot. A Steampunk Photoshoot helps you to feel that epic foggy environment of another era and get all the energy of being the hero, inspiring you to become more confident in your everyday life. So get your ass emailing me that you want to become a freaky confident steampunk hero and save the world thank you.

7. Book Your Confidence-Boost Now

Your confidence boost is just one step apart. You can book it straight away after reading this blog post about. Let’s push your inner hero out together!

Believe me or not, I’m going to help you to come out of your shyness and transform you into a strong and confident warrior! I’m on the mission to discover new lands and heroes already: step into it and join me – you have no more excuses, Lady! 😉

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