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10 Facts About Me You Probably Didn’t know | Photography der Sinne

Let me give you something to laugh about! Maybe some of you can relate to what's written in this blog post. It’s very important to unveil something about oneself, at least when we get to know in person, the ice is already broken! Let’s go!

1. I’m a Cat Lady (This one is VERY important)

In general, I love animals, but cats were always special. I lived my childhood in a house plenty of animals - bunnies, cats, fishes, a turtle, a dog, hamsters, birds, chickens.. did I miss something?

2. I love fancy food, but hate cooking

I don’t know who invented cooking? Why? And it takes so much time away! I cannot. I might take pictures and eat the food that people cook, that’s fine enough.

3. I never have studied Photography

In 2015 I finished languages high school in La Villa (Alta Badia) and that grade was high enough for what I wanted to do in my life: Photography. But then I thought that a photography degree would help me grow my business. I soon understood that it would not. I spent 8 months abroad, learning nothing but what I really did NOT want in my life. So I quit and blindly started my own business in 2017, at age 20.

4. I’m a low-key goth and Metalhead…

Darkness always has attracted me! When I started wearing black and I decided to get 3 piercings in my face, my father was not very happy. My mother was bothered that I may have praised Satan and something like that. Nope. I won’t celebrate black masses (unless they’re from Powerwolf) or kill black cats to drink their blood - I’m just gonna pet them all.

5. ...but love to listen to all kinds of music - yes, even folk-music

Yes, I’m a Music lover! Anything - Literally - Any kind of music will make me rock! It burns in me. When I hear it, I feel the urge to move and sing! Scrolling through my playlist will make you feel every emotion, and I’ve got them all: from the newscast theme, over to Disney’s music, to Sepultura.

6. I hated being photographed as a Child

This one is pure irony! Photography has not always been such a pleasure to me. When I was small (smaller than now), I hated being photographed. I don’t know why, but taking some shots of me was kind of impossible. All I have now are some rare snapshots of me now. But well, I like to look at mini-me pictures and they are actually good. My aunties were good photographers, both of my father's sisters worked as photographers too in their young ages. Also, 2 of my mom's brothers and her, were passionate about photography too. Maybe I've got it in my blood. That's fun, isn't it? ;)

7. I’d love to have a truck driving license

I’m half of a man. Very often I don’t feel like being a classy lady. I don’t mind to get dirty or doing some “man’s job”. I would love to drive a truck, just because it’s such a big machine. Sometimes I drive my father’s earthmover, and it’s fun!

8. I’m a really misophonic person!

So!!! So, so badly! I HATE unnecessary noises. They make me very uncomfortable and I get extremely irritated. What gets me in a super duper rage are definitely slurping and smacking people!

9. I often don’t understand movies

This is more sad than funny. Why does this happen? Because I’m losing myself in looking where the light comes from, how the actors are, how the characters are dressed. I watched all the Harry Potter Saga, Game Of Thrones, Vikings, but I couldn’t tell you what exactly the plot is about. What a pity!

10. I love Theme Parks

Since I was a little girl, I always loved that feeling theme parks gave me. It’s kind of being in another world, far away from reality. It’s like escaping into a happy place. Also, there are roller coaster, and they make me feel happy. I love that!

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