The one or the other tip for your studio photoshoot is always good, especially if it’s the first one you do!
I’ve put together a few to help you take your first steps without making beginner mistakes! 😋

Wear something that makes you feel special

depending on the shooting you want to do – for an elegant shooting, you can wear “Sunday clothes,” for a sexy shooting, maybe “Saturday night” ones 😋 the important thing is that you feel authentic but special. Or maybe like a limited edition of yourself haha!

Outfits: Less is more

I highly recommend not carrying around the entire wardrobe, but only your favorite outfits – maybe really only one or maximum 2!
It is better not to have to worry about changing 4 outfits, or having to choose them while you are in the studio: rather, enjoy the time for yourself.

If you want to take some sexier photos: start slow

Ahhh, if we were all fearless bombs, taking this kind of photos would be nothing interesting anymore.
Taking sexy photos is not as easy as it sounds – you have to have a lot of trust, not only in the photographer, but also in yourself and have a little bit of dexterity. If you plan to take photos with a little less clothes, it’s best to count on taking a few with a few more veils first. Then gradually remove the layers.

Take your favorite music with you

This fosters the atmosphere you need to make yourself comfortable – if you don’t have a “power playlist”, try to see what you find already done on Spotify!

Come without (boy)friend or (girl)friend

I know that in the minds of many, bringing moral support to the shoot seems like an excellent idea, in order to have some encouragement.
But I can assure you that you will feel MUCH more comfortable with 2 or 4 fewer eyes on you. So you can fully concentrate on what you are doing and no one will pressure you. You will be able to show the gallery to as many people as you want after 😉

Put on the makeup you feel comfortable with

Don’t exaggerate “only for the photos” or, book a makup artist before the shooting to be on the safe side. I gladly help you find someone from my contacts. The perfect makeup can be a huge help to feel even better, it’s definitely worth considering a make up artist to make it even more special.

Take care of yourself before the photo shoot

Being stressed won’t help much for the photo shoot – always think that a shoot is something special, and it’s important for you to be fully present in the moment, in order to let go and become familiar with this new situation.
Instead, take a nice bath, a long shower, a nice walk or listen to some music that gives you energy!

Put yourself in an upbeat and positive state of mind

A bit like here above, you have to take care of yourself: maybe even visiting a hairdresser. But having a positive and optimistic thinking about yourself also puts a good grounding for being able to let yourself go and get that kick of self-esteem.
Phrases like “I’ll do it!” “I’m ready, and the photos will be fine” “I’m a badass!” do help A LOT! 😜 olé!

Make sure you have enough time before and after the photoshoot

Better not make any other important or stressful appointments after the photo shoot, so you don’t feel pressured. Allow enough time to get ready too!

If you have any concerns or questions, write or tell me before we start out

It will always be my number one concern, to make sure you feel comfortable! I will gladly try to help you as best I can to make you feel good. Communication is the most important thing in building a relationship of trust – and trust is the most important thing for photos to be really successful.

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