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Top 5 Gothic Wedding Locations In Europe

Hello darklings! Here’s where to find Gothic Wedding Locations across Europe to inspire your themed wedding!

Where to Plan a Dark Wedding – Venues And Location Inspiration

I might have to tell you: YOU DON’T HAVE TO MARRY IN YOUR HOME COUNTRY! There are so many mystic places across Europe with amazing gothic architecture and magical ruins in the middle of forests, castles and churches. You know what I am talking about! If you’re a real different thinking person, you will simply fall in LOVE with these partly underrated, alternative wedding locations. As a young metalhead-lady and fantasy photographer, I know exactly how it is to dream about the perfect macabre wedding day.

Some of the listed locations require special permissions to marry in and to be photographed: Always ask before planning! If you’re not sure about how and who to ask, just hire a wedding planner for that – I promise you won’t get in any trouble then. 😉 Here are just a few of my favourites and (some) totally unevaluated countries and bewitching dark fantasy wedding places to give you some inspiration:

Gothic wedding Churches in the UK

The UK, for example, is one of the richest gothic architecture countries. In the UK you can also find lots of wonderful abandoned abbeys, cathedrals, churches and castles galore. Here are some of the most beautiful gothic and gothic roman churches in the middle of nowhere. Above the marvellous countryside, there are breathtaking landscapes near the sea to have an adventurous-romantic wedding photoshoot escape! The UK will make you feel like in a Nightwish music video!

St John the Baptist’s Church, Mongewell | 77km from London – (ruin on the photo below)

Church of St Peter ad Vincula, Combe Martin | North Davon – with epic Great Hangman with cliffs and sea locations to shoot around.

St Andrew’s Church, Folkingham | 64km from Nottingham

St. Mary’s Church, Hadlow | 71km from London

St. Mary’s Church, Islington, Norfolk | 74km from Norwich (ruin)

St John the Baptist's Church, Mongewell Halloween Wedding Location UK

Photo credits: Wikipedia

Gothic Castles For A Wedding in Romania

Romania is the motherland of gothic fantasy, the home of Dracula and Transylvania. Did you know that you can get married in Dracula’s Castle! How amazing is that? But Romania is so much more than just Dracula’s Castle – there are so many other amazing castles across Romania. Here are just a few:

Castelul Bran – Bran’s Castle – aka Dracula’s Castle | Bran, 186km from Bucarest

Castelul Corvin – Corvin Castle – It is one of the largest castles in Europe and figures in a list of the Seven Wonders of Romania | Hunedoara, 168km from Timișoara

Castelul Peleș – Peles Castle – on the photo below | Sinaia, 141km from Bucarest and a 250m from Pelisor Castle

Castelul Pelișor – Pelisor Castle | Sinaia, 141km from Bucarest, and a 250m from Peles Castle

Castelul Sturdza – Sturdza Palace | Miclăușeni, on the borders with Moldavia

Castelul Regal Lăpușna – Royal Castle Lapusna | Lăpușna, 146km from Cluj-Napoca

Epic Gothic Wedding Venue Castelul Peles Romania

Photo credits: Wikipedia

Gothic wedding locations in the Czech Republic

The city of Prague has many many gothic buildings. But if you don’t want to get married in a big city, you could choose to get married in Sedlec’s Cathedral next to the Bone Church -Ossuary in Kutná Hora, a smaller town near Prague, for example. The Czech Republic has also many ruins and monuments in the middle of nature, that will make your wedding totally enchanted! Here are a few of my favourite locations:

Kostnice v Sedlci – Sedlec Ossuary – The Bone Church, Kutná Hora | 83km from Prague

Hrad Jenčov – Jenčov Castle | Běleč, 42,9km from Prague – A castle ruin in the middle of the forests

Hrad Milštejn- Milštejn Castle | Cvikov, 113km from Prague, on the border with Germany

Hrad Pernštejn – Pernštejn Castle | Nedvědice, 42km from Brno

Sedlec Kathedral Gothic Wedding Venue Czech Republic

Photo credits: Wikipedia

Gothic wedding spots in Portugal

Portugal is definitely underrated in terms of dark-themed weddings. Maybe because it’s a Mediterranean country and Mediterranean countries are not known because of foggy and dark days and gothic architecture. But there are actually! But I’m not going to show you other gothic cathedrals, instead, I found some awesome monasteries. They are, in my opinion, the most beautiful places we can find there. So let’s check some enchanted, gothic fairytale wedding locations in Portugal:

Convento dos Capuchos – Convent of the Capuchos | Sintra, 30km from Lisbon

Convento de São Francisco do Monte – São Francisco do Monte Convent | Abelheira, Viana do Castelo

Convento dos Capuchos - Convent of the Capuchos | Sintra Fairytale Wedding

Photo credits: Wikipedia

Gothic wedding locations in Slovakia

You didn’t see Slovakia coming! Although this country will surprise you with the most epic castle ruins ever to get married in and around! So if you’re a decayed monuments lover, check out these breathtaking dark fantasy locations!

Lietava Hrad – Lietava Castle | Lietava

Čachtický Hrad – Čachtice Castle | Čachtice

Jasenov Hrad – Jasenov Castle | Jasenov

Zborov Hrad – Zborov Castle | Zborov

Devínsky Hrad – Devín Castle | Devin, Muráň, 31km from Bratislava

Uhrovec Hrad – Uhrovec Castle | Uhrovské Podhradie, 31km from Trenčín – The Trenčín Castle ist marvellous too!

Zborov Castle Slovakia Places To Get Married

Photo credits: Wikipedia

Are you planning a gothic or fantasy wedding?

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