Cascate di Riva IN Campo Tures – Places TO VISIT in South Tyrol

This post will lead you through the magic places of South Tyrol’s forests and into one of the most beautiful waterfalls of the region: The “Cascate di Riva”. After a long time in lockdown here in Italy, I decided to go on location scouting again to find out what beautiful locations we have here in South Tyrol! “The Cascate di Riva” in Campo Tures was perfect to do the first location scouting after quarantine.

The Smell Of The Woods

It’s been so much time since my last real walk into the woods. It’s been so much time since I went for a longer walk tho. I’m a nature lover, but I’m not so adventurous and don’t need big hikes and climbing peaks. I’m rather that kind of person that enjoys to sit on a bench in the woods and eat an apple and walking slowly through it. I forgot how the woods smell! The wild smell of the timber is so relaxing. For the first time, I enjoyed mosquitos flying on my skin! And again I appreciated watching small animals walking on my same path. I forgot about all this.

The Greenest Green I’ve Ever Seen!

It felt like being on a holiday! The colours were almost different than they used to be before the lockdown. Of course, because the lockdown came in March. We had snow in March… So we went directly from winter to summer without even notice. The green of the leaves has never been so green to me! It was like they were fluorescent! The heavy thoughts and the point that we couldn’t even go out for a walk until the middle of April had a big impact on how I see nature now. In fact, I never welcomed a longer walk like now on May 21st 2020.

I became even more aware of what beautiful place I live in. It might sound nonsense: But now more than ever I love to “stay at home”. I want to discover our beautiful South Tyrol first and I want to go on holiday here. I’m in love with where I live and want to take other people to this beautiful place.

A Break To Enjoy This Spot

After me and my boyfriend left the car in the parking lot (that was quite far away because we didn’t get there was a closer one – we’re ALWAYS bothered about parking!) and after 15 minutes of a very slow walk, we arrived at this spot here! Where “normal” people see just another piece of wood, I see the most magical place on earth! The sun shined through the trees and the stones were covered in moss! It was simply marvellous. Obviously we had to stop and take photos like Asiatic tourists. Sorry, but I haven’t seen such a beautiful place for ages, okay!? And Asiatic tourists are so right to take so many pictures! Imagine how we would have enjoyed the lockdown

Enjoying The Enchanted Spot

This is us when we feel cringy in front of the camera. Amazing that it happens to me too!

I can understand so well when people say that they don’t feel confident in front of the camera. But I can reassure you that this happens to anyone that is not a model. That’s why to me it’s very important to create natural environments, relationships and situations. Especially with couples, where to authentically capture their moments is very important. When I shoot fantasy I try to inspire the model to feel the character she is and dig deep into feelings to make them come alive. But hey, here we are, as cringy as we all are in front of the camera! ;P

This is how we look good. It happens as well sometimes.


The Cascate di Riva / Reinbach-Wasserfällen

The clue moment was when we arrived at the waterfalls 5 minutes later! We could feel the cold arriving from there about 250 meters before! Awesome! The day was warm but not really hot… So the waterfalls to me felt like winter would be imminent. However, the Cascate di Riva or Reinbach-Wasserfälle were wonderful!! There are three, but unfortunately, we only had time to see two of them. Let me show you the first waterfall. So the one who is closer to the valley, and the perfect one to shoot near!

The Magical Forest Stairs

The paths in the calm forest of Campo Tures are magical, they remembered me of a fantasy movie. Maybe because fantasy, in the end, is more nature-related and realistic than we might think. If we think about Game of Thrones, Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings, we’re reminded of fictional characters and invented stories. But let’s be honest: How much nature do you actually see? A LOT! The stairs made of rocks, that took over to the gravel just made me feel so comfortable and realized. I don’t know why but I know for sure that it was pure well-being to step through it.


Simple Rocks But Extraordinary Spots

What normal people see – what I see. These are all simple rocks, but I see amazing locations to shoot! Sometimes I imagine a couple, sometimes I imagine a spot to get married. Sometimes I dream of a beautiful fantasy creature just laying on the rocks or sitting on a majestic tree stump or log. I’d say that South Tyrol is plenty of these locations. But the Forest of Campo Tures has it all! From marvellous waterfalls to rocks, paths and a river. What else?


Another Break To Enjoy The Spot

Since I and my boyfriend are both picnic, healthy food and “Bella Vita” lovers, we just sat down on a bench and had an apple. Even though we had not a super-duper picnic It was so great. Nobody around and far away from the coronavirus. In the middle of South Tyrol’s posh nature. We loved the sight on the second waterfall too! And discovered that there is a waterfall fly lane! Both super excited about this said that we will return and have fun on the “Fly-Line Wasserfall“!


Paths, Trees and Stumps!

It seems like I’m seeing the forest for the first time. Not really, but it felt like that! I remembered again how enchanting it is to take a closer walk. A big reason why making longer walks or go to awesome places was not mine before quarantine, was because it felt frustrating. It felt frustrating to see beautiful spots but have nobody to photograph. But then I was enlightened by the fact that now, I could share photos without any subject (to me) and let you dream about your photoshoot in these places. For the first time in my life, I just took photos of a location. I won’t become a nature or landscape photographer and I won’t sell pictures as stock photos or wallpapers or whatever. It’s just all to inspire you and sharing what I like with you!


A Small Sheep Farm

In the end, we encountered some sheep too. Nothing fancy, but I love animals! So we obviously had to stop and take pictures. We stopped, I took photos and Patrick felt embarrassed. Not because I took photos, but because I spoke to the sheep making sheep noises so that they would understand. We got along well since they answered every question. *bruuuhh* Modestly my sheep language pronunciation was quite good. An who can resist to a small lamb jumping around? I couldn’t! I’m also very proud that in South Tyrol there are farms and happy animals, so I feel less guilty to buy or eat animal products that are local. Which I also rather try to avoid.


Let’s Have A Magical Day Together!

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