Self-Esteem Improvement Through Photography – Simple Tips

Self-Esteem Boosting Through Photography – with valuable
everyday tips!


Hey, nice to see you here!

In this post, you will find a lot of valuable, NOT obvious tips from someone who not only helps you how make an improvement to your self-esteem but also has experienced low self-esteem herself. Someone who has found the way out of shame and into life through photography!

After that, it will be easier for you to push your self-love and get over your blockages – every day and without much effort!

My name is Ellen, I come from South Tyrol (Italy) and I’m a Fantasy & Alternative Wedding photographer.

With this post, I would like to give you some courage today! And talk about how (fantasy) photography helped me – and can also help you – to overcome the feeling of body-shame and improve your self-confidence.


Before you go on reading, I think I have something that can help you on a deeper level too to gain more self-confidence!
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We all had that time!

Ever since I entered puberty, my appearance has always stood in my way. Too fat, too many pimples, the hair does what it wants. My self-belief didn’t exist at all!

I was repeatedly asked about my appearance. Today, when I finally look the way I always wanted to, I still don’t fit in: I’m principally too thin for most people. This hurts my feelings and my self-confidence every time.
How many young girls and women got stupid statements about their looks?
Do you feel addressed? In this case: you are definitely NOT alone!


“You have to eat something, otherwise the wind will take you away”

“Your acne has gotten worse! You can’t eat Nutella anymore. ”

“You look emaciated! Did something happen?”

“You absolutely have to go to the doc, but your skin is really bad!”

“What’s wrong with you? Are you sick?”

“Ugh, you have a huge pimple on your forehead today!”

“You only weigh 30 kg with clothes, don’t you?”

“You have to wash your face like this and this and this and use this and this product or else it won’t work”


Everything has been heard, and the list could go on forever!
If you read this post, you have probably had to deal with similar sayings yourself! And YES! It hurts! And I know it makes crash your self-esteem too!

I often cannot understand why people allow themselves to say what is “wrong” with you and what you have to do about it.

On the opposite, I would like to tell you now that you are totally fine! Even if you have pimples. Wow everyone has had at least one pimple before … unbelievable right?

Either If you have “too much” on your hips or if you have “too little” on it!

But I understand that sometimes you just feel totally uncomfortable and that it just does not help if others make you aware of your rough edges.

If I did something about it. You can also do something about it!

The obvious news for you: love yourself! The best news: you can learn it! NOPE, self-love is NOT selfish!

If you catch yourself thinking something bad about yourself or pulling yourself down, grab your best outfit, put on your makeup and take some nice selfies or self-portraits!

Yes, even with a smartphone, it doesn’t have to be a professional camera!

That’s how I started and never gave up my love for the self-confidence saviour: photography!

Through photography and weird make-ups, I just felt a lot better over time, and these still help me pull myself up on bad days. You can also feel more beautiful and better!

Here you can find a basic makeup tutorial that helped me a lot!

Now you get more self-esteem! You just have to start! 😀

So here I catapult you straight to the photo tips that I have put together for you and that you can implement sooooooooooo easily!

Tips for seductive smartphone selfies

1. Find a large, bright light source such as the window. The window creates a wonderfully soft lighting mood. The background often disappears in the dark. So all the attention of the picture is on you.












2. Avoid artificial light and direct, hard light like a lamp or flash. If you can’t help it, see that the light is at least indirect.

You can turn the lamp against a white wall. This creates a so-called soft light (similar to the window) and makes your face particularly pretty and conceals blemishes. Impurities are the worst self-confidence enemy – defeat them!


3. Take a photo while lying down! Often you look even more bombastic when lying down!

Because there you can lay the hair down nicely and the face looks even narrower and firmer. Yes, it works wonders! If you still stretch your chin and neck up while lying down, you will look magical. Photograph yourself from all angles you like! From the top, you look a little nicer. (Don’t overdo it).

Just play around and have fun!
If the light still comes from above your eye level, nothing will stand in your way!

With the right light, every selfie will be really good and – boom! – your self-esteem is back!

I recommend a slight smile and rather stay away from the duckface. You are most beautiful when you show your true smile. Think of something nice, it sounds stupid, but it matters a lot! To put yourself in a psychologically harmonious position will simply make you shine differently! The proof of the pudding is in the eating.. <3 😉


Insider tip:

Black and white selfies often look even better – especially if you have reddish blemishes like pimples. Before, when I couldn’t use Photoshop and Insta and Snapchat didn’t exist, I always used to do it.

Lying woman with curly hair - selfie for self esteem-boost

Nowadays there are smartphones that can do a little skin retouching. But don’t overdo it! That ruins the picture and makes you look totally unnatural.

As one photographer puts it: poor retouching is worse than a pimple.

My tip for the camera selfies

As for the light, the same applies as for smartphone selfies. If you have a camera, it’s best to take a tripod and zoom in on what it takes. Keep your fingers off the wide-angle, otherwise, the face, (especially the nose) can look strangely distorted and thick. That’s why very often people don’t understand why they look gorgeous in the mirror but not flattering at all in the self-portraits! This kind of frustration doesn’t help you feel better! For sake of self-confidence please just DON’T use the 18-55mm kit-lens at 18mm but at least at 50mm! – Thank you!

If the camera has the remote Wi-Fi or Bluetooth function with the smartphone, definitely use it.

Otherwise, you can set a timer and trigger for x times. Make sure you’re well focused too. It can be a bit more tricky with a timer than with a smartphone. With autofocus, however, it should work well with a few tries.

My tip from the heart:

Stand a little in front of the mirror and say out loud what you think is great about yourself. <3 It doesn’t matter whether it’s your personality or your appearance. Tell yourself something nice. Make yourself an honest compliment! Talk to yourself and listen! Do that! Help yourself reaching a new level of self-confidence! It may sound superfluous, but especially if you feel bad, you have to catch yourself and make sure that you feel good again in your skin! The hard truth is: until you can’t pull yourself up, the most honest compliment from anybody in the world won’t help. Nobody can give you more self-esteem than yourself! If you don’t believe in yourself, you can’t convince anyone of you. And I know that you find something really great about yourself! 😉

Defend yourself with charm!

My everyday tip against random self-esteem crashers.

If you’ve got enough self-love, nobody will find the target to insult you! No, even if it is not meant to be evil. You decide who gets too close to you!

Does someone make you aware of your appearance and do you feel offended, attacked or just bad? Say that. Open. Honest. Kind. Nobody expects that. “Your comment just insulted / embarrassed / disliked / offended me. Please don’t do that anymore because it won’t help us.” Say this seriously and smile at the end. Always be friendly. Maybe this person didn’t want to intentionally insult or offend you. Don’t let everything please you in a very charming way. That person will keep something like that for himself next time. Hopefully with someone else. This strengthens your self-esteem without you having to finish someone off. People who have so much self-esteem and can defend themselves honestly but nicely just get through better.

Plain text is always better than long faces and bitterness. Reciprocally. In addition, you simply equalize this feeling of oppression. How well I know that feeling! And yes, I myself also have bad days! – YES! – We all have. I just want you to experience less of it.

It will always happen that you feel uncomfortable in your skin. No matter how confident you are. And that’s totally fine. <3

4 reasons why fantasy photography also puts your self-esteem in the fast lane


  1. Photography generally gives you more self-esteem. But fantasy photography takes it a step further! After all the tips for your everyday life, you can definitely escape and spice up yourself again! You can go far away from the people who are rushing you. From your job. From the world that does not let you blossom as you deserve it.

  2. You can be completely transformed and see yourself from a totally different perspective. No, you are not hiding behind a mask, but you have the opportunity to let out every one of your sides in wonderful, imaginative dresses!

  3. You can be shown exactly like fantasy heroes! Feel like them! Be one! How beautiful are you? And how cool is it to be a piece of art, please? Why on earth do you let yourself get down? Fantasy photography takes you to Wonderland. It brings you so much self-confidence, you can’t believe it before you try!

  4. You can really switch off from everyday life and enjoy being the center of attention. Yes, even if you don’t normally like that. With perfect make-up and unusual clothing creations, you simply feel totally special and beautiful. Yes, even if you are very shy. Your inner fantasy being will come out – I promise!

A very self-esteem-boosting photoshoot I’d recommend is definitely the Steampunk Themed Photoshoot! You don’t know what it is? Then read this blogpost: Photoshoot themes – Steampunk | What is it? And Why It’s Balm For Your Soul

A fascination that remains!

A fantasy shoot is an experience that you can remember again and again. What I always give my customers are prints. The bigger and nobler the better!

You should see how B.O.M.B.A.S.T.I.C. you are, and please remember EVERY DAY! Yes! The print is not old fashioned!


Prints are still cool in 2020. The bigger the better.

Fantasy Photo Box 

Fewer and fewer people print their pictures, and unfortunately, the digital ones go under somewhere on the PC or mobile phone. In the worst case, they are gone forever because at some point the cell phone blows itself away forever.

The prints will make your experience tangible! Seeing you on the wall every day reminds you every day how great you are, and that the models on the ads and the actresses in the movies are not that different from you. 🙂

I wish you much much much MUCH!!!! self-love, self-esteem and courage to get out of yourself. Every day. Strengthen yourself. Love yourself Did you find my tips helpful and exciting? Then why not shoot together!? Contact me now, and start planning your personal self-esteem boost here! Contact me!

With love, Ellen <3 🙂


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